We believe in the responsibility to make a positive contribution to the world around us through everything we do. This ideal drives our choices from ingredient sourcing and processing practices, to packaging and what we do with our profits. 

Sustainability is interwoven into our mission at Nanga Chocolate as we constantly strive to minimize our carbon footprint and impact on the environment, while producing products that support a healthy lifestyle for our consumers and farmers alike.


  • This is why we select organic and fair trade certified ingredients whenever possible. 
  • Our 70% dark chocolate, and unsweetened chocolate is certified organic, fair-trade, Kosher, and produced without any soy lecithin or emulsifiers. Made from cacao grown in the Dominican Republic and Peru. 
  • Every ingredient is always produced without genetic engineering, so we keep our products NON-GMO at all times.
  •  All products are produced in a dedicated gluten free facility, made from ingredients without any gluten, and are regularly tested to verify compliance with the FDA's standard of Gluten Free
  • We sprout our organic nuts for maximum crunch and bio-availability of nutrients.


Production Practices

Our aim is to operate efficiently to minimize our end waste, therefore we recycle or compost nearly all materials. We participate in the EPA's food recovery challenge which encourages businesses to reduce food waste and raises awareness of environmental, health, and nutritional impacts of wasted food.

Through our continued support of Fair Trade USA and responsible sourcing of ingredients, each purchase of Nanga Chocolate has an impact. Helping farmers by ensuring fair pricing, educating children in rural communities and keeping harmful pesticides out of the working environment, these fair trade dollars go a long way.
In addition, we pledge 2% of our profits to organizations supporting our vision of a healthier planet, like the Sacred Valley Project, which provides boarding and education to low income young women in rural Peru.