Chocolate Bark Sampler / 6 Pack

$ 17.99

A delicious sampler pack of our 6 magical dark chocolate bark flavors in resealable pouches for your unadulterated snacking pleasure. Now available in two sizes. Yum!

Taste the fanciful delights of: 

Rich Pecan Cherry Turmeric Bark and delight your senses with a tart, chewy, crunchy, creamy, experience of pure bliss.

Cool Nibs Peppermint Hempseed Bark and refresh your taste buds as you unlock subtle creaminess with a touch of sea salt.

Crunchy Nibs Figs Maca Bark and uncover layers of depth and texture with delicate floral notes that sweep you away into a world of pleasure.

Tangy Nuts Berries Turmeric Bark and embark on an exotic journey of zingy delights that burst with crunch and texture.

Almond Berry Matchy Bark and travel through exciting fruitiness as you discover a savory unexpected crunch.

Magical Lavender, Blueberry Rose Bark and experience a floral fairytale in your mouth.

We use only the highest quality earth-friendly organic ingredients, fair trade chocolate and never any soy, gluten, dairy, fillers, or emulsifiers to ensure you're both happy and proud eating our products.

Each piece is handcrafted by us in Lafayette, Colorado and we pride ourselves in your satisfaction. If for any reason, our products didn't make you smile, just shoot us a note, and we'll send you a refund :)

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