Blueberries Lavender Rose Organic Dark Chocolate Bark / 3 Pack, 4oz Pouches

$ 29.99

The fanciful chocolate bark straight out of a fairytale. Rose petals, lavender, nettle leaf, blueberries, and crunchy cracked cocoa nibs float in a sea of delightful 70% dark chocolate, combining in an unforgettable adventure of fragrant tastes and textures. 

Pure bliss in your mouth? Precisely.

Each magical piece of Nanga Lavender Rose Bark is expertly prepared by hand by us in Lafayette, Colorado to assure it's of the purest quality and ensure our 100% smile guarantee. It's our mission to delight you, so if you're not satisfied for any reason, just shoot us a note and we'll send you a refund. Easy peasy :)

We believe in making the world a better place, so we use only the best organic ingredients, fair trade chocolate and never any gluten, dairy, soy, fillers, or emulsifiers.    

INGREDIENTS: Organic Bittersweet Chocolate (Fairtrade Organic Chocolate Liquor, Fairtrade Organic Cane Sugar, Fairtrade Organic Cocoa Butter, Fairtrade Organic Vanilla Extract) Fairtrade Organic Cocoa Nibs, Organic Dried Blueberries, Organic Nettle Leaf, Organic Lavender, Organic Rose Petals

Organic, Fair Trade, Paleo Friendly, Gluten-Free, Vegan, No Soy, Non-GMO

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